Who’s Who

Check My Pulse follows my life through food and fitness as a recent college grad living in NYC, and it often features people who are near and dear to my heart. Here’s a quick who’s who guide, so you can start putting faces to names!

Dustin: Dustin is my boyfriend, whom I’ve been dating for over four years. We officially met first semester of sophomore year, when he and a few friends randomly walked into my room at night (creepers, much?) and asked if my roommate-at-the-time, Meghan, and I wanted to play a game. This was at midnight, and they ended up staying until 3 a.m. We later found out Dustin and I had been around each other multiple times before because he played baseball for the college and I played soccer. I even wrote about him for the school newspaper!

I liked Dustin right away, but he just wanted to be friends. Our friendship grew and eventually he fell for me. What can I say, I’m charming 😉 We started dating in January 2009 and we  moved in together in September 2011. Dustin shares a passion for fitness and plays baseball on a regular basis. While he has a great day job in business, he’s also hoping to get his certification to coach too.

Liz: Liz is my best friend in the whole entire world, or as we channel Grey’s Anatomy, she’s my person. We grew up living right down the road from one another (read: 3 miles) and played on soccer teams together ever since we were little. Our friendship really grew when I was a freshman in high school and she was a junior. We essentially became the sisters we never had (I didn’t have step-sisters when we first met) and she taught me basically all the cool things I need to know about life.

Liz married Joey, who also grew up with us. He’s in the military, so after they got married in July 2011 (I was her maid of honor!) Liz moved to his station in Oklahoma. We’ve been apart a lot the last few years, but were never more than a two-hour drive away from one another. After a year of this long-distance friendship, I was more than happy to have her move once again. Joey was recently re-stationed at Fort Drumm, so now she’s only a six hour drive away! I’m pumped to bring back our weekends of vegging out  in front of the TV watching Friends or Grey’s.

Libby: Libby is my roommate and one of my closest friends. She goes on many adventures with me as we try to navigate NYC as up-and-coming journalists. We have a rule where we are allowed to test out one new restaurant a week, and it’s led to some great foodie adventures! Anytime I need a good shoulder to cry on or someone to make me laugh till my stomach hurts, I know I only have to take a few steps across my apartment. Just ask her to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” after sucking the helium out of a balloon.

Libby is a magazine journalist, like me, and she has an extreme knack for cooking and baking. She laughs at my inability to cook and it’s fun baking with her. We know how to whip up a mean Peanut Butter Cup Pancake!

The Fam:I absolutely love my crazy family. From time to time you’ll see them pop up here and well, there are a lot of them! I have my mom and step-dad, Ed, who have been supportive of all of my life decisions every step of the way.

My big brother Justin, who is currently in medical school, and my little brother, Scott, who started college in fall 2011.

My aunt Sue, who lives in New Hampshire and is one of the greatest advice-givers in the entire world.

And my Dad, who lives in Tennessee and is one of the greatest men I know. I’ll always be a Daddy’s girl and I’m not afraid to admit it!

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